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iphone home button not working

iphone 5C home button is not working at all, tried online fixes but it is totally unresponsive. My one year warranty was up 3 months ago...any suggestions to fix this??

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Hi Tanya,You can use the touch screen home button in the accessibility options if you don't want to fix it. If not, then you you can look at third party solutions or contact apple to repair it. Since you are out of warranty, you don't neccesarily have to go through Apple for the repair.
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Hello Tanya.

Try and go to an Apple Store and maybe they will do a free repair for you if you use the right words with the right person...

Happened to me once.
Here solution for home button not working: https://www.howtoisolve.com/home-button-not-working-on-iphone/
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KaterinaRyland wrote:

Here solution for home button not working: [url=https://www.howtoisolve.com/home-button-not-work...

Do note that this thread is almost a year old. Thanks for the tip though!