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iPhone Group Messaging is here! Here's what you need to know:

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As of today (May 5, 2017) group messaging functionality is available to Koodo customers using an iPhone. Below are some high level details to help answer some frequently asked questions. 

Feel free to ask your own question if you don't find the answer you're looking for below. 

[b]What is group messaging?
  • Group Messaging is the ability to send and receive Text, Picture or Video messages to multiple users in a group conversation.
[b]What is changing?
  • Koodo iPhone customers can now send group messages to anyone, regardless of device/operating system, in the conversation. Previously, group conversations could only be conducted through iMessage, with other iPhone users.
[b]What do you need to do?
  • Nothing! Your phone will automatically be equipped with the feature after you update your device with the new iOS carrier bundle.
  • All Koodo rate plans include unlimited SMS and Picture Messaging so no additional charges apply!
[b]iPhone group messaging doesn’t work? This might help:
  • Try rebooting your iPhone. The carrier update may not have been installed properly. If you haven't been prompted to update the carrier settings, you can also go to: Settings > General > About, and see if you're asked to "Update" carrier settings here, if it hasn't automatically been initiated. Do note that it can take up to 7 days from the release date for all devices to receive the update from Apple. 
  • Ensure group messaging is enabled for all users you are attempting a group conversation with.
  • Make sure your device has group messaging functionality turned on, check your settings by going to Settings > Messages > Group Messaging.
  • If you have a $0 data block feature on your account, group messaging will not work. You can continue to have the same experience you had prior to the release of the carrier bundle by turning off group messaging.
[b]How to turn Group Messaging off:
  • iPhone customers can turn this feature off using the following steps: Settings > Messages > Toggle off Group Messaging.

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This is a cool feature! Will it work if some of the recipients are not Koodo/Telus subscribers? I imagine if one of the recipients on Android is with a carrier who doesn't support this feature, they'll receive texts as regular SMS, but if they reply, will the Koodo iPhone receive it as part of the group conversation, or a separate SMS one-on-one conversation?
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titaniumtux wrote:

This is a cool feature! Will it work if some of the recipients are not Koodo/Telus subscribers? I...

The other party will need to have this feature enabled by their provider, if they're not with Koodo. If not, then it will come through as an individual SMS, not to the group. 
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Well this is a start! I think a few of us around here were really wishing for Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE with this 28.3 Carrier Update. Koodo's big Pappa Bear "TELUS" seems to be expanding at a very rapid rate. https://www.telus.com/en/bc/support/article/about-volte
Does group messaging work for Android and Samsung's S8 users? I can't enable it on my phone and I keep getting individual messages instead of group texts