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iPhone "DNS Services" cellular data leak

I'm a light data user. I track my usage carefully, charting my booster usage monthly and checking which apps were drawing data via my iPhone's settings (resetting statistics each month). Last month I used 128MB but 64MB of that was for "DNS Services" (under "System Services").

I can find all kinds of things to try tinkering with when I google the issue but I didn't know if Koodo had some specific tips: if there's a recommended DNS server or search domain, or a way to confirm I have the correct carrier settings now, or refresh them or something.

iPhone 5 running 10.3.2


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Settings >General >Reset > reset network settings, will reset your network, but should not be necessary, as it should be current. If you do reset, you will lose your Wi-Fi settings, and will need to,reconnect to each.
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A bit more in information... https://www.reddit.com/r/iphone/comments/52d4jx/my_cellular_data_has_been_eaten_up_by_dns/