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IPhone Case Broke

  • 15 February 2014
  • 6 replies

When my mom bought her iPhone, they told her that if her case broke that she could visit a website or something to order a new one and I think they said it would be free? Could someone tell me where to go for that? TIA

6 replies

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What company is your case from? I guess it's the case warranty that you should see!
It just says "Otter BOx" on it.
It just says "Otter BOx" on it. Go to the Otterbox.com website and on the bottom of the screen under "Support" go to "Warranty" and it will guide on how to make a claim. They will send you a replacement free of charge. I received one with no problem when my clip broke.
Awesome! Thank you 🙂
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Otterbox's warranty is about as good as Apple's when it comes to taking care of their products. They'll usually send out new ones without issues. Granted, iPhones cost significantly more money and aren't as cheap to replace but they do really well with those too thanks to AppleCare+