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iPhone cannot send GIFs or MMS

  • 29 October 2018
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54 replies

@Matthew Sauder @PamS @BeeKay @cabern
This issue appears to be resolved in the latest iOS 12.2beta2 released this morning. I was able to send my first successful gif today.

You can wait for the official 12.2 release or check out the beta here:
@DawsonP That will be great, I'll wait for the official release though. They never did update the bug report I created after I updated it with syslogs.
I purchased the XR for my wife a few days ago and have the same issue. I have an S7 and she can't send me any gifs or pictures through imessage using sms.
All resets and tips and suggestions mentioned have been tried with no luck. Very frustrating to buy a shiny brick that can't perform simple basic tasks that phones that are years older have been doing just fine. Her previous SE never had an issue.

Hope somebody figures this out. I may take it back to the koodo store for a refund if it goes any longer.

*update* the problem with pictures not sending happens when she tries to send multiple pics at once. ie. 2 or 3 at a time.
She was able to send me pictures one at a time with no issues.
Gifs however still do not send.
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@Terry99 based on the reply above from @DawsonP (scroll up a few posts in this thread), it sounds like the upcoming 1.2 update should resolve the MMS difficulties on the XR. Hoping this does it for you.