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iPhone automatically downloads email attachments over data

I recently started a new job and have been receiving many emails with large .pdf attachments. I had assumed that my iPhone 6 would not download the attachments unless I tapped the file within the email. It turns out I was wrong as my Koodo data usage shows that I have gone over my data limit by 100s of megabytes.
I looked online and it seems that I cannot change a setting on my phone to have it stop downloading email attachments when on cellular data. People say that the attachment size that is automatically downloaded is determined by the carrier (Koodo). This seems really silly to me.
Surely there should be a setting to disable automatic attachment downloads. As there is not, Koodo should make this threshold much smaller. Maybe 1mb?

Does anyone know what this threshold currently is on Koodo?
Is there a workaround (other than disabling my email when on cellular data, this is not an option)?

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So this isn't a carrier thing it's an iOS issue. I googled it and you are not alone.

If you can swing it, try using a different mail client. (Not sure if apple allows that) I know my wife uses Gmail on her iPhone and she doesn't have this issue.
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I assume these emails are associated with your job. Maybe your employer would be prepared to pay your costs as an employment expense?

You can increase the number of lines in the preview, which may cover some situations of knowing the content of the email without opening it.