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iPhone app used up 1.6GB

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In response to@seemsArtless on Twitter: http://twitter.com/seemsArtless/status/396095396750958592 Sigh, some rogue iPhone app used up 1.6GB (of our 200MB@koodo data plan) in a DAY - 95.36 MB an hour.

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Oh no! What app was that? 
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If you go to Setting-> cellular-> and scroll down to "use Cellular data for" You should see a list of app and the option to toggle them on and off as well as the amount of data they are using. So you could disable troublesome app from there or just uninstall the app . If nothing in the list is hogging the data check the system services. while you can't limit data for these directly or uninstall them it may atleast shine some light on what is causing the issue
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You didn't happen to send an email with a large attachment, did you? I've seen similar cases where the phone keeps attempting to send a failed email and burns up huge amounts of data doing so.