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IPhone and iPad hook up

  • 8 September 2019
  • 6 replies

Hooking up my own iPad and iphone

6 replies

I want to hook up my iPhone xsmax 256g and my iPad mini Gen 5 2019 256g. I am already a koodo customer but I have android syndrome. My Sim card is in my Huawei p30 128g (which I will gladly sell). I know I need a different Sim card now and another Sim card for my iPad. I guess I have to go to a Koodo kiosk and pay a kid to do it, is that right?
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You can take the old SIM out of the p30 and put it into the XS max. They are using the same SIM size.

Regarding the ipad,you need a separate plan for it. Koodo is selling a tablet plan if you are already a customer.
Thanks Dinh,
Are the plans not different though from an android to iPhone? I know Koodo used to charge more for iPhone, maybe to support I message or something along those lines? I also just got the p30 a few months ago and the y had me change to a different Sim card from the iPhone 7 plus I had. Is that.because the iPhone 7 and the xsmax use different cards from one another?
But the p30 is the same card as the vsmax as you said
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Both the p30 and iPhone Xs max are using the nano SIM. You can take the sim out and put it in the xsmax. Who changed the sim card from the 7plus for you?. The 7plus is using the same nano SIM also.

What do you meant by "charging more" for iPhone. There is no iPhone or Android specific plan. You can use you sim cArd in any phone you like (as long as it fits).
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IPhone plans with koodo have never been any different from android plans. (blackberry devices once required specific versions, but even then the price was the same). I think you may be confused by the fact that Apple once required them to offer a three year contract as a purchasing OPTION for the iphone, but those went away at least five years ago.