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Iphone abroad

Hello, I have been living abroad for the past few years and I am looking to buy an Iphone once I return to Ontario. My question is, if I purchase an Iphone where I am right now (Central America), will I be able to use it with a Koodoo plan once I am back in Ontario?

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As long as the phone is unlocked and compatible with the 850/1900 MHZ frequency bands the phone should work just fine with Koodo.
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Hi Annika ! In my point of view iPhones won't work everywhere, following HEXUS site http://hexus.net/mobile/news/apple/45229-apple-iphone-5-4g-work-only-everything-everywhere/ But following Apple iPHONE 5 would work on 4G worldwild but not sure - you should contat Apple to get right answer.