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iphone 7 preorder

why does it say it will shop on november 30,2016 im trying to preorder

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If you preorder, it will be shipped to you by November 30th depending on availability, it may arrive sooner.
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Hello Joella.

It's because the stock will be available at that date. That's why! 
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Hi Joella - depending on the model and/or colour, the estimated delivery date varies. For example, an iPhone 7 128gb Black is currently showing an expected shipping date of Sept. 15. The same phone and size in 'Jet Black' is showing an expected shipping date of Nov. 30th. This as Erwin and Robert pointed out is based on availability of stock to Koodo from Apple.

Hope that helps.

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Looks like you are trying to order the Jet Black iPhone 7, which Apple has already said will sell out fast and is likely to be in short supply. Any other colour appears to still be available to ship on Sept. 15 (i.e. so you'll receive it on or shortly after release day which is Sept. 16). If you have your heart set on the Jet Black colour you're going to have to be patient!