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iPhone 6S Deals?????

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I'm considering purchasing an iPhone 6S, and would like to get the math figured out.

If I went with the Medium Tab and a $40/mo plan, would I be paying $390 up front for the phone, then $55/mo for the phone plan and Tab payment for two years?

Once the contract is complete, could I switch to Koodo Pre-paid?

Is there an option for a long time Koodo Pre-paid customer to purchase an iPhone 6S?

Any answers or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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Yes that's what you'd be paying for 24 months and then the tab payment would drop off and you would just be paying your plan alone. You can however pay off your tab after 3 months and beyond at any time and switch to prepaid you'd just need to buy a new prepaid SIM Card and activate a prepaid account
No you can't get high end phones from Koodo while on prepaid unfortunately.
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You could also buy it outright from Apple for not very much more, and have an unlocked phone to use as you please from Day 1. The savings of being on prepaid may work to your benefit.