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iPhone 6s data bot working

  • 29 June 2019
  • 2 replies

Awhile ago my service was turned off for a couple weeks and then once I turned service back on my data stopped working after a couple days. I have reached out to koodo and they have confirmed that it is not turned off on their end, and none of the troubleshooting fixes have worked.

I have tried:
  • reset of network settings
  • updated iOS
  • made sure APN is set to sp.koodo.com
  • taken my SIM card in and out
  • Resetting cellular data options
yes my data is turned on, and yes it is enabled for every app specifically

wifi still works great, texting works, as well as sending and receiving photos through SMS

is there anything I am missing or do I need to go in and get a new SIM card or something?

2 replies

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If you tried your sim in another working phone, does the data work?
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Do you have the LTE/3G icon on the status bar of your phone?