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iPhone 6s

Will koodo have the iPhone 6s available when it comes out this month? Any idea what the tab for something like that would be? Looking to upgrade my phone soon and don't want to wait too long for it if it's not coming in the near future.

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Expect it to be released in line with every other carrier.
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As Ahmad said, it will release pretty much at the same time as everyone else.

Stock availability might be a whole different question though. Brand new iPhones can often be difficult to keep in stock as many people want to get their hands on, so even when it gets released you may want to call around see who has the model/color/storage you want.
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Hey there Megan! Good news!  In 10 days you will be able to get your hands on a shiny iPhone 6s http://koo.do/1iM0Yh9 :)