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iPhone 6 wifi/gps issues?

  • 1 July 2017
  • 3 replies

Since mid June my iphone 6 (which I bought new from Koodo when they first came out) has been having issues connecting to wifi (all networks, no matter where I go) and it's also giving me an inaccurate location for apps like google maps and uber, it'll say I'm like 500 meters to 25 km away from my actual location. The first thing I did was call apple support and complete every trouble shootIng fix they could think of and it still wouldn't work. They even did a diagnostic report for my phone and said that nothing was showing up as wrong with it. Yesterday I contacted them again and they suggested me to contact my carrier instead to see if they have any known issues with what I'm experiencing so I figured I should post it here seeing how it's easy to type out an explanation than discuss it over the phone. The only other solution apple had was to send it away for repairs which would not be cheap and I rely on my phone a lot, hence me putting up with no wifi for a few weeks because I haven't had the free time to bring it in anywhere. Any advice is appreciated! And just in case someone mentions it, I plan on getting the 7s so I really don't want to have to upgrade my phone before it's released.

3 replies

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Hello Crys, Have you tried doing a complete restore? What were the trouble shooting you did?
I have the exact same issues! Did you ever find a solution?
I have the exact same issues! Did you ever find a solution?My wifi/gps antenna was broken, Apple charges you like $200 to replace it, a third party repair store will charger you closer to $70 in the GTA. I ended up just waiting it out for the iPhone 8 myself.