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iPhone 6, switching to Koodo, and a lot of questions.

I'm not currently with Koodo but am considering switching to get the iPhone 6 at a more affordable rate. But I have a bunch of questions: * Does it cost anything to switch from a different provider to Koodo? * Is there a specific plan that I have to use with the iPhone 6? * Looking at the Lightweight $60 plan + Tab Medium: can someone confirm that all Canada-wide calling -- 24/7 -- is unlimited with this plan? And confirm that in total this plan would be $65 + tax? * How easy is it to change plans? I.e. if I'm on the Lightweight 60 but decide I want an extra GB of data, how easily can I switch to the Heavyweight 70? * I've perused the community posts and have seen that many Koodo outlets do not currently have the iPhone 6 Plus. Is this the same with the non-Plus version? What's the best way to learn about stock/supply? * Does Koodo offer AppleCare+? Or any other kind of warranty/insurance? * What's the deal with SIM cards? What information is on there, and can I transfer one from my current phone (iPhone 4) to the iPhone 6? Thanks!

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Roni, There is no cost to switch to koodo other than the price of the device. -Koodo Phones can be used with any of the Koodo plans. - The $60 dollar plan + medium tab is unlimted calling anywhere in Canada to Anywhere in Canada from anywhere in Canada. So yes the plan is 65+ tax. - It is very easy to switch plans with Koodo just sign into your self serve account and make any changes that you need. they will be changed on your next bill. Takes an average of 5 minutes. -I know that the 6 Plus is sold out most places, your best bet to find out where the 6 (4.7 Display) is would be to call the Koodo store around your neighbourhood. You can also go to an apple store and see if they have access to Koodo plans. - Applecare+ is available with an Apple product so you can get it from anywhere that sells apple products aswell you get a 1 Year warranty through Koodo. koodmobile.com/warranty - You will need a different Sim card as the iPhone 6 takes a Nano sim and the iPhone 4 takes a Micro. There isn't a charge with new activations for sim cards! -I just go the iPhone 6 it is amazing Nice change from the smaller screens we are used to from Apple. Hope this helps Good Luck!
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1- No. You just need to pay your final bill/fee to your previous provider. 2- Only if you use Tab L, you have to pick a plan from Tab Large Plans( I don't recommend to use Tab L) 3- Yes. 24/7 unlimited canada wide calling, and $65 + Tax/mo 4- You can change your plan free through self serve every billing cycle 5- I think that best way is to call stores to ask their stock before you go. 6- I think you can buy Apple Care through Koodo, but you have to go to Apple store when you need to use it. 7- You need to have a SIM Card from your provider to make/receive phone call/texts. It contains your account info/plan/ phone number... So if you switch your provider, you will need a sim from your next provider.
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ok, starting from the top: - I do not believe that it costs to switch your phone number over, but there may be a $25 charge - No there is no specific plan - The $60 plan allows for 1GB of data usage and unlimited Canada wide calling means that there is unlimited calling anywhere in Canada - also allows for unlimited text and picture messaging (plus you get notifications on your phone when you are at 75% and 95% of your data usage for the month). And yes, the medium tab means that you would be charged an extra $5/mth ....your first month would be higher because there would be about an extra week charged on there, and then billed one month in advance - Changing to another plan is no problem - you can change through your self serve account for $0, or you can talk to customer service and it would cost you $10 to change it. - Don't know about stock/supply - probably best way is to go to koodomobile.com, check the stores in your area (last tab at the top), plug in your area code and it shows you which stores are closest - yes, koodo has applecare + I believe - and no, you cannot move sim from iphone 4 to iphone 6 as they are different sizes
Thanks, everyone! Super helpful.