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Iphone 6 september 19th availability

As we all know, iphone 6 stock on launch day will be extremely limited (even worse at koodo). Based on previous experience (iphone5 iphone5s), does koodo at least has a few unit at launch day? Basically I want to know if I present myself to the koodo booth on friday and i'm the first one, i'm I at least guarantee to have an iphone? Thanks

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There's no way to tell. Basically, here's what happens. Keep in mind I speak from experience working at Mobile Shop for 2 years: 1. Famous/successful manufacturer announces new expensive flagship phone. Hooray! 2. Manufacturer will then announce release date and pricing, etc. When it gets closer to launch, they talk to their carrier partners about "allocation". This means since they only have a limited amount of phones to give, they have to spread the inventory as much as they can across the carriers. 3. Then it has to be broken down further by area/sales volume (Toronto dealer stores will get more than like, Midland for example), and THEN they have to worry about retailers like Future Shop, TMS, etc. so they can get a cut of the pie too. Managers can't just order whatever they feel like because the carrier/manufacturer literally tells the store what they're getting. 4. After launch, managers also can't just order whatever phones they feel like either - it stays on allocation for around 90 days or so. If the sales/demand go up, then they might be able to get more as stock increases. So as you see, it's a bit more complicated than just showing up early to your local booth. Maybe ask them what they're getting at launch since I don't see a pre-order system in place at Koodo (generally they don't do that sort of thing). Good luck.
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If I remember correctly most Koodo shops got like 2-3 iPhone 5 models on launch day. No idea about the C/S. I just remember it being said on here they were quite hard to find.