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iPhone 6 Pre order

Are you guys doing pre order for the iphone 6? And will all the models be available?

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Afaik only Apple offers pre ordering iPhones, carriers just get them in and then you can order them on your Tab. As for all models being available on Koodo, I highly doubt it, in the past they always carried only 16GB models but let's hope we will be pleasantly surprised 🙂
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Actually, most carriers have pre-orders for the iPhone6
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Well it depends. Fido pre-order for example is a "reservation fee" you pay that is reimbursed whe you go take your phone.
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For most of the replies and questions that have been on here for a lot of people asking whether or not Koodo will offer a pre order on the upcoming iPhone 6, unfortunately Koodo hasn't done pre orders on any phones that they have had coming available. So the best way to get one if you have the money for it, is to get one through the Apple store that is closest to you. Otherwise you will just have to wait until the device comes available for Koodo in this regard. Hope that helps.