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Iphone 6 plus delayed?

I've been to 3 Koodo stores in Toronto and they all say they will not be getting the Iphone 6 plus tomorrow and most likely won't have it for a few months. Any truth to this or anyone know what stores that are Koodo providers will have it tomorrow?

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I thought the stores were supposed to have some stock... but I can't imagine they'd lie about it though. We haven't heard anything official except that Koodo will carry a limited supply. Not sure if that is in all the stores and how much though so I guess your best bet is to go early and hope you can get your hands on one 🙂
I went to the store in Saskatoon and they did not have any.. Koodo customer service mentioned that they did not have it in stock anywhere in Canada. They did not have any definite date when they will get any:(