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Iphone 6 plus available colours

can you get the new iPhone 6 plus in gold with koodo?? Does it just depend on what the stores carry or are you limited with koodo to the one colour?

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It really depends on where you buy it. You can always call the location you're going to buy it from ahead of time and ask them which colours they have in stock. Because even though it says koodo carries the gold one, it doesn't necessarily mean the location you choose to buy it from, will have it.
Koodo never has the gold iPhone 6 plus, I keep calling all different stores almost everyday! Such a disappointment!
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Some store have them while others don't. It's available in limited quantities this is why it's hard to get one!
I called eaton centre almost everyday for a month, and Dufferin mall, Yorkdale, and Fairview they always told me they never carried only a few of them just said they never know what they are getting in the next shipments.
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Koodo does not offering iPhone 6 plus in gold. It's only available in the iPhone 6 16gb model https://shop.koodomobile.com/koodo-cell-phones/iphone/c99999903-ciPhone-p0.html