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iPhone 6 plus 64GB

I think Koodo should carry the iPhone 6 plus in 64GB. The fact that it is a fablet means it is combining a phone and a tablet. I want to buy a fablet to avoid buying a tablet. So i think 16GB is too less a space on the phone for Phone+Tablet. As Koodo does not sell tablets in shared data plans, it makes even more sense to have a 64GB iPhone 6 plus to substitute for a tablet. I think in next year, the iPhone 6 plus will sell very well and having the 64GB option will boost Koodo sales too. Personally i really want the 64GB iPhone plus.

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I agree completely, I was considering the 6+ but with no 64GB heck no.
Yes koodo should come out with an iPhone 6plus in 64gb. They have the iPhone 6 with 64 gb , why not the 6plus in 64gb ? Just makes sense. C'mon koodo!! Do something !!!
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Cant believe Apple still has a 16GB option when 32GB should be the minimum.