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iPhone 6 on video, may not be the final release, but it's close enough

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For those of you who are most excited for the upcoming iPhone 6, there is a video on YouTube showing what the product may look when it is finally announced on September 9th. Check it out! http://www.technobuffalo.com/2014/08/29/functional-4-7-inch-iphone-6-shown-off-on-video/

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Personally not a fan of TechnoBuffalo ... use to be, but lately they've started to spam their articles on Google+, it's ridiculous! For example they'll post a story one day, then if the views aren't high enough they'll post a link to it again, sometimes up to 3 times, no thanks! As for the iPhone...we'll see what's what in a little over a week!
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I usually check out Technobuffalo, Android Authority, and Pocketnow video, and pocketnow has been having similar rumors to what Technobuffalo has posted, so they may not be too far off.