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Iphone 6 in gold

Why not koodo offer iphone 6 in gold?!!

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They may later on but at this time they're just carrying the most popular color and I suspect it's all they could get with the very limited amount of iPhone 6 and 6 plus units available to carriers at the moment. Keep checking back I'mssure they'll get it eventually. I strongly recommend putting it in a case since the larger screen and aluminum chassis are very fragile and will break easily when dropped, so with a case on you won't see the gold anyways. Check out DBrand Skins as well to make your device any color you want.
The kiosks seem to be giving conflicting results. I have heard that Koodo will get the 16 g golds in a few weeks, a month, a few months and never. I realize that I can bring an unlocked phone to Koodo but that costs me more. If I buy an unlocked phone through Apple Store, the best deal is to go to Fido. Koodo is only the best deal if on Tab Medium. Koodo, please confirm if and when these phones will be available or else confirm that I should go elsewhere.