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Iphone 6 in future shops?

Any news on the delay for Iphone 6's? My local future shop has phones available..just not for Koodo- they haven't recieved any since the release date? What is the difference between a Koodo iPhone 6 and all the rest? I called koodo cutomer service as well as future shop's to ask if there is an issue and nobody know anything. Anyone?

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Hi Erin, The only way to be sure that certain retailers have the phones in stock is to just call at this point. There have been very slim pickings when it comes to the new iPhone and it will become available eventually, you'll just have to check with the stores closest to you. Otherwise you can purchase one from an Apple store if you have the money available and if there's an Apple store near you.
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Erin, whereabouts are you located? I'm going to see if any locations at my old company have iPhone 6s for Koodo...
I am in oakville, They let me place my name on the 1st one that comes in and they will call me when it does (Ihave called a handful of times with no luck) but since release... not even 1 koodo phone seems kinda odd. I checked at other future shops and same thing.