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iphone 5SE HELP!!! ( unlimted talk and text Canada wide) can't sent anything !

I just got an iPhone, my plan is 2 gbt of data, unlimted talk, text, and picture msg, however I can't sent or receive anything without my data being on.
At home I use my wifi and my text works fine, but when I leave the house I can't msg anyone and they can't msg me.

How can I still use my unlimited text while out of my house without using up my data?


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Which messenger are you using.  Is your message with blue or green reply. SMS uses the voice network and should always work whether mobile data is on or off. However MMS is different and requires mobile data on. Also APN settings should be configured properly and with the iPhone SE you have no worries since this is automatic with your service provisions. If you just recently upgraded or purchased you may also want to remove the SIM card and power off. Insert SIM card and power on. This forces the reprovisions of your phone services.
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Hello Lana.

When you say without your data being on, are you talking about 3G? Because if you stable 3G on your iPhone then this means you don't have service anymore. Also, if you're using iMessage with most of your friends, you should still be able to send the messages as normal green SMS.
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You would have to send hundreds of thousands of text messages to consume 2GB of data. Turn your data on, and enjoy using your phone as it was designed to be used.