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iPhone 5S locked to Telus - New sim card needed?

  • 29 April 2015
  • 2 replies

A friend of mine got a new phone and gave me an iPhone 5S with a sim card currently in it, and it is locked to Telus. Currently I am using a Samsung GS3. Do I need to get a new sim card (even though my friend's old one is in the phone) or switch my number? How would I go about activating the iPhone with Koodo?

2 replies

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Hey Alana! Because the S3 is a micro you will have to get a NANO SIM. You can get them from any KOODO Kiosk for $5.
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Yes you will need a Nano Sim, go to a Koodo kiosk. They will be. 5 or 10 dollar chatge