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iPhone 5s 32gb

Do you guys sell the iPhone 5s 32gb?This might be a factor if I end up choosing Koodo or another company.

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No, Koodo only carries the 16GB iPhones. You can always by it from Apple and bring it to Koodo and receive 10% off your rate plan.
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Some major advantages to buying your device outright, if you have the cash up front, is that you are also able to choose a plan that suits your needs, rather than meets the minimum price required to subsidize your device. For example, with most of the Big Three, I think you now must be on a $70 plan to get your discounted iPhone 5s. A similar plan could be had from Koodo for probably $10-20 less than that, and may just as adequately suit your needs. Plus, you'd be free and clear to leave Koodo or sell/upgrade your device, without being locked into a Tab or having to pay back your device balance. It would all be in your hands. Your device purchased straight from Apple will also be unlocked, so you can avoid the $35 unlocking charge if you want to change carriers or travel internationally.