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iphone 5c use tab 500$

iphone 5c use tab 500$,after this ,the iphone was unlock or have to pay for unlock

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Locked and you have to pay
You also have to wait 90 days before requesting unlock if the account is new.
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Using the tab, you have to wait 3 months (90 days) to unlock the phone. You can only get it unlocked immediately if you paid full price for the phone. The cost is $50 to unlock the phone.
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There's no point to doing this. If you've been a Koodo customer for over 90 days and you have paid your bills on time, you can request the unlock after: 1. You pay off the tab entirely ($500) 2. You pay the unlocking fee ($50) This means that your total cost is $75 + $500 + $50 = $625 + taxes. You can instead purchase it directly from Apple for $599 + taxes and it's unlocked (plus you can get any colour you choose).