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Iphone 5c pricing

Can anyone explain why the iPhone 5c if $599 on Apple and $625 on Koodo and apparently Telus. Why so high Koodo?

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That's only a $26 price difference. Keep in mind any product is generally more cheaper when you buy it directly from the manufacture.
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I have wondered that myself. I would imagine it is to discourage people from buying the phone at the full price from Koodo. This would incentivize people to buy the phone on the Tab. In addition, I do not see why anyone would consider purchasing the phone at full price from Koodo instead of directly from the Apple Store. If you purchase it full price at Koodo, the phone would still be locked to Koodo. Contrast that to the Apple Store where buying it full price, the phone would be unlocked and can be used with ANY carrier. Also, having an unlocked phone has a better resale value.
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I'm not entirely sure myself because I always wondered this question as well. If you want to get it on the Tab, you'll get it with Koodo. If you want to buy it outright, you might as well buy it at a Apple store as it should be unlocked so that's a plus!
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My understanding is Apple generally lays out what the term pricing is for the carriers. If Koodo didn't raise the outright price of the phone, the $500 L tab discount would make the 5C only $100 on a tab, and I assume Apple doesn't like that (one carrier undercutting the others)
Remember too that if you buy the phone outright from apple the phone is 599 plus tax 676.87 in Ontario. Putting it on that tab not only saves you on the tax but your not paying so much outright. Large tab 125 plus tax (142.5) and medium 325 plus tax (367.25) small tab 475. (536.75) Personally I think the medium tab is the best option.