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iphone 5c

is the iphone 5c 8GB a good purchase???? if i buy it, i THINK im only planning to having it untill the tab is up so 2 years..i want to go on the tab M if i get it and pay 50$ for 500mb of data..i dont plan on puting a lot of videos on my phone or even any and ill have some apps(obviously)..so what do you think? is it a good purchase?

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With 8GB, you would be limited to using the phone as a phone, rather than to it's full capability. It would be fine for holding your contacts, SMS or other texts, a very few photos which you would need to remove regularly, and a few small Apps. The approximately 4GB of space left once the OS is installed will fill quickly. I've been happy with about 16GB of space consumed on my iPhone, but it could be reduced a bit. Emails with attachments can consume a fair bit of space as well. If you are judicious about your use, 8GB will suffice, but you will gain better advantage of the full capabilities of your phone with a larger memory size.
what to do meaning using the phone as a phone? the main purpose is texting and caling and using data....ill have some pictures and only a few apps
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I use my iPhone for many tasks: photos, videos, to-do lists, music player, memo taker, lyrics teacher, sketching pad, music player, TV, & video player, games, GPS, Stock ticker, radio, shopping card wallet, scanner, Wine list, and much more. I occasionally even use it as a phone.
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If you have only a few p[ics and apps, then you may do fine with 8gb.  8gb is not a lot considering the iPhone iOS uses up a portion. 

Even 16gb is pushing it these days.