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iPhone 5 pricing and availability?

I went into koodo yesterday and the iphone 5 was available in the medium tab for $325, I can't afford to pay that up front at the moment.. But I don't want to buy a 4s knowing that Christmas is around the corner and there may be sales.. Will there be any sales on the iphone 5 and if there is then how will I find out since the iphone 5 is not available online and you can't see the prices or availability of it online ??

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iPhone 5 has been discontinued. You might find some floating around still if you call ahead and ask though. If you can't afford to pay up front, then go on Tab L or go to Telus and get it on a 2 year term and pay roughly the same plans as you would on Tab L... You can even get a 5S for $99 this weekend and No Tax at Mobile Shop today...
The nearest koodo shop says they still have many 5's in stock, and i dont want to have more than a 35$ plan