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iphone 5 prepaid

if i bring my own iphone to koodo under a prepaid plan do i have to pay for the plan price upfront? and do i have to buy a nano sim card , if so how much is one?

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pleaaaase heeeelp?
I payed $10 for mine and I think you have to pay for your first month upfront. I'm just assuming because its prepaid. Plus if your phone isn't unlocked.
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Pre paid means you pay everything upfront in advance. Prepaid sim cards are 20$ unless Koodo changed that too last week And as Andress started to say, if your iPhone isn't from Koodo or Telus, you'll need to get it unlocked. Hope this helps.
Yes you do have to pay for the price plan upfront. Make sure you choose a base plan. If you want Canada wide talk or data, add the boosters to your purchase. Right now the nano SIM card is $20, but comes with bonus $20 activation credit. So technically the SIM card is free as you are just paying for the plan.