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iPhone 5 LTE not working

  • 11 July 2014
  • 3 replies

I got my wife a nano SIM Card from Koodo for her unlocked iPhone 5. However, she never get the LTE signal on her phone. Below are more information regarding the phone: - Phone was purchased unlocked from Apple Canada. - My home has LTE coverage. I tried replacing her SIM Card with another friend Koodo Prepaid SIM Card (Purchased around 1 year after Nano SIM Card first available) and the phone got LTE signal. - LTE is enabled and I did try the network reset and all other test mentioned in this forum. - Nano SIM Card was purchased when iPhone 5 first came out (first time Nano SIM Card was available). My question is whether there is a known issue with the first batch of the Nano SIM Card where it is not able to connect to LTE network? Thank you.

3 replies

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I went through the exact same process (bought an iphone 5 unlocked from Apple on launch day), my day 1 nano sim has had no problem with LTE. Sounds like it could be an issue with your sim, especially if LTE is working with a different sim.
Any idea what are my options then, if that is the case?
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Any idea what are my options then, if that is the case? You probably need another SIM card, $20 for prepaid, including $20 service credit. I personally wouldn't bother with it as I still fail to see any noticeable benefit when using LTE and it really affects battery life.