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iPhone 5 can't find carrier with Koodo sim

I got a Koodo plan teo days ago. It worked for about two hours until I saw the carrier info update (settings general about) which i installed. Ever since the phone doesn't find and can't connect to a carrier it keeps switching between "searching" and "no service". It does work perfectly fine with other sim cards, the koodo sim works in another phone too, just as soon as I put the koodo sim into my iphone it won't find any carrier. Support told me to turn the phone off and have the sim card removed for a few minutes which didn't work. I reset the network settings, didn't work. I have an iPhone 5 A1429 GSM, factory unlocked. Since I just moved here I don't have my pc at hand yet so I would love to find a solution that doesn't require a full reset with iTunes. Does anyone have any ideas? (Again it's not about data connectivity, but finding a carrier in the first place). Is there a way to reset the carrier info, since it did work before I installed the update? Thanks a lot!

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The A1429 GSM Model? Sorry to say this, but you bought the wrong model which actually is not compatible with any 3G/4G/LTE network in Canada. Basically, your phone will only work on Rogers 2G.
Really? That's a shame since the IMEI check they have on their website said yes and it did work for 3 hours until I did the carrier upgrade. Oh well, thanks for your answer.