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Iphone 5 and new SIM card order on the internet

Hello, I presently have a prepaid card with . I will have an iphone 5 soon, so i will have to change my SIM card. Could you say me which one i have to buy: Koodo Nano SIM Card or Koodo Prepaid Nano SIM Card to keep all my information. I have a 15$ monthly plan (messages plan). Thanks

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You'll need a Koodo Prepaid Nano SIM if you'd like to continue with prepaid. Keeping your information will likely not be very easy depending on the phone you're coming from.
Thanks for your answer. I am coming from an iphone 4. By information, i was talking about my "credit". Like, i have each month 10% less on my bill. Now i have almost 15$ in credit.
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Oh! My apologies! Nothing on your account or anything will change! Not if you're just switching phones via SIM Card. You will, however, have to activate the new SIM on your account. Should be able to be done in Self Serve. Hope this helps!
Thanks. So you say that i have just to take the prepaid one on the internet.
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Yup! If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask!
Thank you.