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iPhone 4S won't call out or receive calls

my iphone 4s will not phone out or receive calls. I just activated it and it worked, but after adding all the apps etc all it does now when I try to call is say "Call Ended" and then "Call Failed" Any suggestions?

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hmmmm... First and foremost, did you add any app that tries to control your data by turning off 3G? Because Koodo doesn't have a 2G spectrum, it needs the 3G for regular voice and text to work. There are other ways to control the data.
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Powercycle, pull out SIM for few seconds, try again, enable 3G, still not working check your SIM on different phone, if it works on different phone, reset your iPHONE netwrok settings, nothing works call Koodo Tech Support 1-866-995-6636 X6 from different line
Thanks to Mo d. and Mat Badger. I turned off the phone; turned it on after 1 minute and everything is working fine.