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Iphone 4S to Iphone 5C

  • 26 June 2015
  • 2 replies

Hello, I am upgrading my iphone 4s to Iphone 5C and I was wondering how to upgrade my micro sim to a nano sim without affecting my plan. What can i do? Thanks

2 replies

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Hey Aaron, You can go to any Koodo store and purchase a new sim card for your phone ($5+tax). Make sure you have some valid photo ID with you and the employee will be able to switch your active sim card to the new one for you. This will simply move your phone number to the new sim card and will not affect your billing or plan in any way. Cheers 🙂
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Or you can do it through self serve too. Self serve > Mobile phone > change phone > upgrade your phone > enter SIM number It will take you to a new and old site back and forth. It can be frustrating if you have multiple lines under one account (I am), but you can still do it.