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iPhone 4s switch from Telus to Koodo: My experience

So I resisted mobile technology as long as I could.  I had a Telus pay-as-you-go (pre-paid) with Messaging 250 Add-On, and later added Data10 (250 texts/$5, 100MB/$10). I needed a nationwide calling plan, lots more texts, and a little data. Koodo seemed to have everything I needed: Koodo 40: 500 minutes anytime nationwide. 500 MB Data. Unlimited messaging and nationwide evening/weekend calling: $40.
   As a smart shopper, I shopped around at the "Big 3" and realized how expensive they all were. I didn't know that Koodo, Fido, and Virgin were sub-companies of them, at better rates. The power of research! 
    I have an iPhone 4s. It was originally subscribed to Telus, and locked to that provider. (never unlocked). So to avoid the hassle of unlocking it with iTunes and borrowing someone's sim-card, I figured it'd be easier if I chose Koodo as my new provider, as I found out is "Should" work without unlocking it.
   I also wanted to make sure I kept the same phone number. As I shopped around, Bell said they could NOT port the phone number. Perhaps something to do with the exchange I was using on Telus?? (848). 
   So through the online Live Chat with a Telus technical assistance rep, he said that most times with an iPhone, Koodo and Telus should both work even if the phone is locked. He also said that my phone number will port.
   So I went to local Telus store, bought a sim card and the rep there did the swap; everything went flawlessly. Before the paperwork and transaction was completed, my number was ported and phone was working. I did a test call and all was good.
   I just wanted to share my experience, with all the conflicting information I was reading online or was told by a representative somewhere along the way.

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Happy you got everything set up! Welcome to Koodo
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A great review of the process for a Telus iPhone
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This is great, If you really want to share your experience even further feel free to post this to Koodo's other social media accounts such as their Facebook page, post a link to this on their twitter account ect. Have a great day and enjoy your phone while saving money with koodo