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iPhone 4s medium tab help needed

Looking to buy iPhone 4s with a medium tab. If I'm already on a 20$ monthly plan, does the tab apply? Or do I have to upgrade to a minimum 30$ plan?

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You have to upgrade.
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There's good news! You can still take Tab S and keep your plan the way it is. Obviously this will involve paying an extra $150 in store, but if you were to do the math, the added cost isn't worth it to you. Tab M only works for customers on existing 30+ plans or someone coming in fresh. Tab M: $150 in store + (minimum $34 +5 is $39 * 24) = $1,086 Tab S: $300 in store + ($20 * 24) = $780. That's a savings of $306 over Tab M... Here's another option: you can probably find someone selling an old iPhone 4S 16G on Kijiji for the $200 to $250 range. If it's locked to Telus/Koodo or unlocked then you'll be good to go. Just try and test out your SIM first (micro size) before you buy it.