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iphone 4s locked to koodo?

If i had bought an iphone 4s outright when i started my plan years ago and recently bought a new iphone 5s outright and put the new phone on my plan and took the old one off, would my old phone be locked to koodo?and if so how do i unlock it?

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I'm pretty sure the only phone not locked is the Nexus. So yes, the 4S would be locked to Koodo. You can have Koodo unlock it for a fee ($35) or you could find a third party unlocking service. I think there is some advantage to having Koodo unlock it as it would be on a white list of unlocked phones or something.
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If you got the iPhone 4S through Koodo, then it is locked to Koodo so you will have to unlock it. You can get unlocking codes from sites like www.cellunlock.net If you did get your iPhone 4S through Apple, then it is probably unlocked. Reminder that you can use your Koodo iPhone on Telus so you don't have to unlock for that.