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Iphone 4s 300 Medium Tab Promotion

  • 11 January 2014
  • 4 replies

Last month Koodo reduced the iPhone 4s tab to $300 allowing me to get it on tab medium with an awesome plan. Will Koodo do this again in the future as a promotion? I know someone who really wanted to get the same package but couldn't because by the time they went, the iPhone was back at $450 on tab large.

4 replies

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Yeah generally speaking the best times of the year for sales are late summer and just before Christmas. We may see something at any point but nothing is guaranteed.
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Probably not until either back to school (this year was pretty soft) or it gets discontinued from Apple so Koodo can put it on clearance prices but all you can do is wait.
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Hi Richelle, We're glad to hear you love your package you got from Koodo. There is really no way to know the upcoming promos.
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No one will be able to answer this. You will have to wait and see and keep checking their website for promotions.