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iphone 4 with charge wont turn on or charge

still within 14 days of purchase, when I tried pressing on button and home button together for 30 sec apple logo showed up and turned on as it is my battery charge was still 75% I am scared that this is a MAJOR GLITCH in the refurbished unit that I bought. Im a newbie with the Iphone. Sholud I be alarmed and return the phone now while still on replacement warranty? Advise anyone?

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Sorry, but the way I'm reading it is that you got your phone to turn on... But what is the problem or what was the problem? Was it not working before?
is it normal for iphones to jusy die and we need to reb oot everytime? i never experinced this w samsung or nokia
No, it's not normal for iphones to just die. If you believe the phone is not longer working then take it in to get it looked at.
I would recommend 2 options: 1. Go to a Koodo Kiosk and see if they might be able to help you 2. If you have an apple store in your city, they may have a quick and very easy fix for this. Source: 1. Had an issue with my smartphone's battery, Koodo ordered me a new battery - no questions asked (still under warranty) 2. I had a friend who's iPhone did the same thing - he took it into an apple store and the guy took it into the back, 5 minutes later came out with his phone fully functioning... Hope that helps!
Sounds like you need to reformat your iPhone to fix a software glitch that has happened. Restore your phone using iTunes. Put your phone into recovery mode by holding the power and home button at the same time and then releasing the power button once the phone is off for two seconds and keep holding your home button Down for about 10 seconds. First be connected to iTunes, once those steps are completed iTunes will prompt you that there is an iPhone in recovery mode and just follow the steps from there. If you go to an apple store that's what they will do for you, if your time is not valuable go and make an appointment and they will reformat it for you.
Thanks to your advise people! I called Koodo Kiosk where I bought it and BOO! for them. they just kept on telling me that I can deal with apple if there is a problem despite the fact that i have had it for only 3 days. 2nd. the person I spoke to kept on saying that they will email someone and wanted to put the phone down so fast without even asking me my info... I had to ask him to take my name and details..claims they will order a new unit but the way he handled it, I doubt if they will do anything abut it since he did not even get my account number i told him i didnt want to deal with apple yet since Iam under the 14 days warranty with koodo and he said they did not have a replacement unit. and wont know if they will have any time soonm. Whats gonna stop them from telling me its not coming in beyond 14 days then? He said if it comes on teh 15th day from date of purchase then ill have to deal with apple directly since coverage is just 14days and this is the case despite the fact that i brought up the issue on the Day 3 of purchase! That is CRAPPY service 😞 makes me sad to have shifted...BOO for koodo Kiosk! Can I just bring back the phone and cancel the service still within 14days and get 100% refund?
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D De Guzman wrote:

Thanks to your advise people! I called Koodo Kiosk where I bought it and BOO! for them. they j...

The 14 day exchange policy in store is basically you returning the phone for a full refund and getting the same model. Not sure how you expect to do this if the store has none in stock. They are correct when they say that if their new stock comes in after the 14 day mark they will not be able to help with an iphone, since ALL warranty work on iphones is handled directly by apple. If there is an apple store nearby they can either fix it on the spot or swap it out for you. Failing that you can cancel your account within the 14 days and open a new one when the store has more iphones, or find another kiosk that has iphones in stock and replace it there. There are really no exceptions on the 14 day policy.