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iPhone 4 VPN Settings

Can someone please guide me in setting up an VPN for my iPhone 4 (iOS 6.1.3)?

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Here's a link to a video showing exactly how just substitute your VPN provider for the one used in the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JelpQ8PZr4&feature=youtube_gdata_player
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Here is another VPN app that I use. Very easy to use, inexpensive. I watch US and Brittish Netflix with it, which you can't have access to from Canada unless you have one of these.
Thanks guys! Another question though: I've noticed that I cannot receive MMS (picture texts) when I'm connected via Wifi but as soon as I switch to 3G network, I can. Why is this? Is there a way to be able to receive picture texts via Wifi?
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Warren Tang wrote:

Thanks guys! Another question though: I've noticed that I cannot receive MMS (picture texts) w...

MMS has to come through your data connection it can't be done through wifi on any stock messaging app on any phone. You might be able to find an app that you can send picture messages through wifi I'm not sure on iPhones. Keep in mind that even though it uses data to send MMS if you have unlimited texting you will not be charged for the data used to send that MMS, though any apps open at the time of turning on your data connection to send an MMS will indeed use chargeable data so make sure nothing is running in the background when you go to send the MMS if possible.
here is a quick guide for VPN set up on iPhone4. Tap on Settings Icon > Tap General > Tap Network > Tap VPN. >> Now find an option of “Add VPN Configuration”. Select a protocol lets suppose, PPTP, > add VPN configuration being provided by VPN Provider. > Description is simply the Name that you want to give to your VPN, Name it what you like. > Now Server name its also provided by the VPN service . like “connect.something.com”. >> by the Same way your Account Name and Password will also be given by your VPN Service, >after these 3 fields, Set your RSA Secure ID to Off, > > let encryption to Auto. > Set, “Send All Traffic” to “ON” its done save all configurations now just revisit the settings where you will see a new VPN bar turning it ON will enable your vpn service, if all this does not work for you you can visit http://goo.gl/NdG9H thanks
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sumarmunjikumar wrote:

Instead of VPN,You can use Proxy servers or software like elite proxy switcher to change your IP ...

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