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iPhone 4 unlocked but bricked

Hi everyone, I'm in Australia at the moment, I still have my Koodo account active as I wasn't sure when I would be able to set up an account here. I originally had an iPhone 4 with Fido but I broke the screen on it and ended up parting ways with Fido. I later learned I could trade in my phone and pay the $300 for a new iPhone from the Apple store, which I did (actually Jump+ but same idea). I took the phone over to Koodo and a Koodo sim worked in it, so I assumed it was unlocked. Now when I try and Australian sim in it, it's saying invalid sim. I tried restoring the phone to see if that made a difference but it's still rejecting the sim, and now the phone is bricked. I tried to put my koodo sim in it but it's saying invalid sim for that now too! What do I do?! I have the IMEI and ICCID if that helps? I already registered with IMEI.info and am waiting for my report to come back. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Some iPhones you get from Apple only come unlocked until you put a SIM in them, at which point they lock to that carrier. I feel like that's what happened to you. Koodo can only unlock their own iPhones though; so if you didn't originally buy it from them, then Google is your friend. You could try a place like cellunlocker.net but they'll charge upwards of $100 or more to unlock an iPhone.
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Jonathan I wrote:

Some iPhones you get from Apple only come unlocked until you put a SIM in them, at which point th...

I wouldn't pay to unlock that phone via 3rd party for 2 reasons: 1. She says that it's telling her that her Koodo SIM can't be used to activate the phone, making me think that there may be additional issues (though it could be a faulty Koodo SIM). Since these services are typically non-refundable and expensive, I don't fell that it's worth the risk. 2. It's an iPhone 4. An unlocked used one could be had for ~$150 so spending $100+ to unlock it isn't worth the price in my opinion.