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Iphone 4 Traveling to New Brunswick looking at coverage, not sure if it will work!

We are going to New Brunswick for 10 days, In the coverage map it shows Cape Pele, where were going in Orange, I am using a Iphone 4, on prepaid, how do I know what of the three colors I should be checking? It says under the map, the green and pink arn't available to prepaid customers...so if where im going is Orange, that means my phone will work?

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As long as you'll be in an area that isn't marked as "Not available to Prepaid Customers" you should be fine.
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On the map it says at the bottom " CDMA and LTE coverage are not available with Koodo Prepaid.". CDMA is only for old non-SIM based handsets. Prepaid is SIM only. LTE is the latest and fastest 4G network speeds. Again, prepaid does not have access to this. Everywhere else is 3G/4G HSPA network coverage which your prepaid phone can access. Large metro areas have LTE coverage, but the maps shows it as pink. It does not mean your prepaid phone will not work there. 3G/4G HSPA is still there as well.