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Iphone 4 s and 5

  • 5 August 2013
  • 8 replies

anyone know if the 5 is same sim card as the 4S thanks

8 replies

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4S is a micro sim 5 is a nano sim
Iphone 5 requires a nano-sim card. Iphone 4S requires a micro sim card.
so if I get the Iphone 5 on 2 yr term they cant charge me for this can they cause its new phone and contract then my Iphone 4S and I think I have up to 3 months for sim card on iphone 4s to be deactive.
The iphones are no longer on a fixed term.
thank you to u both
ok I was offered one at Telus that why asked. they now got 2 yrs rither then 3
so I assume prob best to keep the one I got
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If you buy the iphone 5 through koodo then it comes with a nano sim. If you buy it at telus then bring it over, then you have to pay $10 for a koodo sim