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iPhone 4 no service when 3G is off

I have an iPhone 4 and whenever I turn off 3G, I lose service with Koodo. My friend is alos on Koodo but has an HTC and when he turns off this 3G, he still has service with Koodo. Is this normal?

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Hello Warren, Yes it's normal.......
Is it normal to iPhone 4's? other devices can turn off 3G but still maintain service?
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Turning off 3g is not the same as turning off data. If you turn off 3g on any koodo phone YOU WILL LOSE SERVICE. Koodo does not have a 2g network, Rogers is the only provider in Canada that does. If you turn off 3g service on the phone you are essentially saying "whatever you do, don't connect to koodo."
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What model of HTC does your friend have and is it 4g (LTE) Compatible?
Thanks for the responses. I think I understand that 3G = data now. Its a One V. Maybe he was turning off data only?
I mean 3G =/= data
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I mean 3G =/= dataIf it was a relationship, you could call it "complicated" 😃
If you want to make sure your not using data just turn cellular data to off or call koodo to do a data block in your number to prevent charges but as you have discovered turning 3G off turns the whole cellular service off
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3G is the network level, the most common one nowadays. The data access used on this network is called HSDPA - it stands for high speed data packet access. On older versions of Android on some devices, the option "Use packet data" was under the Mobile Networks settings option - as such, this turned your data on/off but the actual cellular service still remainined on the 3G network.
I wasn't trying to turn off data. I wanted to turn off 3G to conserve battery but I guess I can't do that.
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I wasn't trying to turn off data. I wanted to turn off 3G to conserve battery but I guess I can't...You can turn off 3g Data to conserve battery life. You can't turn off the 3G network, which the phone uses for calls/text.
Koodo uses 3G network, Advantage.... Good call quality, better reception everywhere....... Koodo will only work in Iphone 4, 4S, 5 when you will make 3G ON. Although 3G drains battery but it will increase the call quality. U can turn Data Off, when not in need..... This will definitely save a lot of battery. Iphone can work for 2 days beside 3G is on........