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iPhone 4: Koodo's cellular service works intermitently...

  • 29 September 2014
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Problem with iPhone 4 (8 GB): the cell phone/SMS/3G function works intermitently... Since 30 days ago, at least once per day I have to turn-off and turn-on the iPhone, and then it starts working again... 1. I changed the SIM card at a Koode service center 2. I restored to factory settings the iPhone 3. Apple changed me the iPhone for a brand new iPhone 4 It stills do the same thing... Please advize.

19 replies

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Does it get a full signal? How's coverage in your area? http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/coverage-maps Do you have a non-iphone to test if this issue occurs? You may have to call Koodo (*611 on a koodo cell, it's a free call) and they tech can look into the issue. It may be a problem on Koodo's end especially if you already changed to a new iphone.
Coverage is good: at leats four full bars. It is a big city (Quebec city). Before, it used to work in this same city. Good idea: I'll cal *611
We have the same problem (ottawa). Three different iphone 4, 2 with koodo 1 with Telus. All experience long delays in receiving text messages, intermittent failures to send. Started happening a month ago
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Have you just tried resetting the network settings? I suggest removing the sim card and then going to Setting > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Once the phone reboots, put the sim back in. NOTE: This will also delete any previously saved WIFI passwords.
Koodo at *611 were not able to help... I will call them again. What I suspected: they have an issue, but were not aware of it, orhave not addressed it. I suggest you report it too.
Peter, thanks for the idea. I will give it a try, but I doubt it will work: I already: 1. Changed the sim card itself 2. Restore iPhone from scratch 3. Apple change my iPhone for a brand new 4. Koodo reset my sim card remotely this afternoon It still does the issue.
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Hi Julio, I hear you. I figured since you've already tried most thing, why not try 1 more 🙂 I'm not sure if the iPhone is locked to Koodo but I know that when I brought a unlocked iPhone 5s to Koodo (originally purchased to Rogers), I had to do this to make sure the phone was leveraging all the right settings (incl. data). You may be right that this may totally not work though...
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I would send Koodo an email explaining your problem and everything that you have tried. I would be very frustrated with service that is not working https://secure.koodomobile.com/account/appmanager/support/contactus
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Since you changed to a brand new phone, it pretty certain the problem is on koodos' end. Give them a call.
I called technical. They had me go through the same steps as Peter mentioned. It worked for two minutes then stopped. Fortunately the tech noticed this. The issue has been escalated to the engineers. It is supposed to take 72 hours for them to address it. We'll see if they find the problem. It is strange that 3 of our phones, all Iphone 4 (2 with Koodo, 1 with Telus) have this intermittent problem but my Iphone 5 has had no problems (telus)
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I called technical. They had me go through the same steps as Peter mentioned. It worked for two m...Well it's good news the Tech noticed. It's the worst when the issue does not appear when the tech is investigating. Hopefully this gets solved sooner rather than later. Please Keep us posted as I'm curious what the issue may be.
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I called technical. They had me go through the same steps as Peter mentioned. It worked for two m...Thanks for the update Jason. Hopefully this gets resolved soon. Glad I wasn't off the mark 😉
I called technical. They had me go through the same steps as Peter mentioned. It worked for two m...Great. Thanks Jason. Yesterday at 9pm, they made me "reset all settings" on the iPhone. The problem seem to be solved, but it happened again in the afternoon.... So it is still unsolved on my side. Please let us know if you find a solution. Best regards,
An engineer (or some guy reviewing the ticket) just called. I must say that was a quick response. He works for Koodo and Telus so I think we're getting somewhere. He said he needs to submit this ticket as a single user problem (as opposed to a network issue). A network problem required dozens or hundreds of complaints. He proceeded to slam the Iphone 4 for antenna issues. I would have believed it was the phone acting up if it weren't for 3 of our phones experiencing the same problems at the same time and considering Julio's replacement of his phone. The first tech I talked to also said she would monitor the ticket and make sure it's gets attention. At least I have hope that they are working on it.
An engineer (or some guy reviewing the ticket) just called. I must say that was a quick response....Hello Jason, did you ever get a resolution on this? My son has been experiencing the same issue you did. I will go to Koodo tonight once more and try to get a solution
Hi all, I do not know for you guys, but for me, today it is worst than ever! No matter what I do this morning (reboot, reset , etc.), the phone simply does not work. I called Koodo, and they are referring my case to engineering. Julio
I did not. My wife can text to my Iphone 5 no problem but when texting to our daughter's Iphone 4 there is a delay or failure.
Hello all, I just called Koodo and told them that the problem is still present. They confirm that they are working on it (??). They say they will get back to me... I am beginning to believe that they will not be able to solve it, as it might be a limitation of iPhone 4 or earlier in their new network signal... Anyway, let us keep the pressure on them. It is the only way to make them react. Jason: if your wife's iPhone works like mine, the reason why it works with iPhones, is because Apple's phones do not use SMS but iMessage protocol. A symptom is that when the intermittent problem is present, no SMS to a non-Apple phone, no phone call or no data-internet navigation is possible for as long as the problem is present. Which means you cannot make or receive any phone call/SMS, etc. Julio
she turned off imessage. The SMS works well iphone 4 to iphone 5 but is delayed or fails between two Iphone 4 users. Not sure about 4s.