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Iphone 4 8g prepaid ?

  • 27 March 2013
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I want to know , does the Iphone 4 8g does really work as a prepaid phone , does the iphone is really work prepaid ?

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5 replies

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Sure does, Sarah, why shouldn't it work? I'm prepaid with the Galaxy Nexus and it works just as good as if I'd have a plan... only I pay less (with my use anyway)
so if i'm going to buy it and like i'm under 18 but i still have a my mom lol haha , and i really don't want a contract they will give me for cash ? like it's says on the koodo mobile site it's 250 + taxes is that it like simple ? ( do you know what i mean ? ) i'm sorry i talk french so it's quite hard to be understandable just want to be sure before 🙂
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Sorry for the late reply, YES absolutely 😃 You can go in the store, purchase the iPhone with prepaid and walk out, even if you look 12 (you don't, lol) It's really that simple. You don't need to bring your Mom! Oh and if you prefer to write in French, there are several in this forum that can answer in your language Sarah, no need to type in English 🙂
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Bonjour Sarah, Sophia a tout à fait raison! Il n'y a pas besoin d'une vérification de crédit. Vous pouvez donc vous rendre en boutique Koodo et vous procurer la version prépayée de cet excellent appareil! Bienvenue chez Koodo Mobile!