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Invalid meid number?

trying to upgrade to an iphone 6 (used and not stolen) but when i enter the meid # it tells me it is invalid. i have triple checked the number.

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You don't need to enter an MEID to change phones. Just put your sim card in the new phone and turn it on.
going from a flip alcatel to iphone 6 so no sim in the alcatel
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Then select 'new sim card for my current phone' and enter the sim card number.
i was afraid of that, will need to check online how to get to iphone sim card. thanks for your help.
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@hhov MEID is for CDMA network (like Verizon/Sprint in USA or Telus/Bell legacy). MEID is irrelevant to the iphone. In this case, you'll need a new sim card.
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Koodo sim cards can be purchased at your closest Koodo Retailer.