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International texting problem.. purchased all40 and turned on free International roaming. not working!

I added the ALL40 to get international text data and voice before I left canada Sept 5. I received a text confirming that it was  set up until Oct 3. I have not been able to text or call since I arrived in France. Just get the message"not delivered". I have spent several hours trying to figure this out and have sent 2 emails to support but have not heard back. I have the 2 free international roaming add ons. Data did seem to work as I got a warning that I had used 50% of my data. Help please!

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Hello Phil! Have you tried restarting your phone? Do you have network?
yes,, have restarted my phone... powered down waited a few minutes and powered up (tried twice)... I did receive a few texts but that seems to have stopped. I have an iphone 5s if that matters. Have tried with data on and data roaming on also with it off (I rarely use data). I did see somewhere to try resetting the phone, but am concerned that will erase something Koodo did to make it work in the first place.

Yes I do have network also . Have used automatic and also tried to manually select networks that I know others have been using successfully. (several people on the trip). Thanks
also, can use wifi to do my email, so that seems ok, though that has nothing to do with Koodo I believe.
Wow, my partner just figured this one out. You have to put a space between the words. "ALL 40" NOT "ALL40" like what is shown on the website.
Thanks Very much. Does Koodo monitor this so they know to fix their website?